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Thanks carasg.
I don't know about the size of the hotel. If it's large then I may well be able
to remain unnoticed; it's possibly not an issue in that instance.
It might well be a small family run hotel in which case I would be noticed as staying there.
I'm imagining that if the latter case, I would be required to register.
I think there are laws in most countries that obligate hotels
to obtain passport/ID details of guests from outside the country.

I'm looking to see what my potential exposure is and how to minimise or avoid it.

I've just received an enquiry for an outcall appointment, for a weekend visit.
This is within the EU. The potential client is resident in said country.
The costs would be Flights, hotel & my fees.

I would be looking to arrange the flights myself,
so my non Escort details remain undisclosed to the potential client.

I would be looking for flights & half my fee upfront.
Has anyone had a booking like this and how did you arrange transfer of funds,
without providing your legal name?
I'm thinking about Western Union money transfer,
but I have zero experience with them.
Of course, currently in the UK, there is no cross reference between account number/sort code
and the name on the account. so that is a deposit fee transfer option too.
Anyway, I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts.

Also, I've the same question regarding the hotel. If I am his registered guest,
would the hotel likely request my passport info for registration purposes?
{Clearly a different name from Jodie}

Is this gig doable without disclosing my real name at some point?

Questions and Answers / Re: ending it with a regular
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:15:08 PM »
Hi Jodie, that app sounds like just the thing I am looking for. Whats it called?
It's for Android smart phones.
Go into the google play store and search for "Extreme call blocker" It's by GreyThinker.
Or of course just google: "Extreme call blocker"  GreyThinker.
It cost 3.96.
The app maker responds to messages and assists with any issues.
There are a lot of free call blockers; I tried about 5 or 6 before going for this one,
as it works well and they are continually developing it adding new features.
Basically it just works, and if you desire, you have a depth of functionality.
I found it to be well worth paying for.

Questions and Answers / Re: Pre paid credit cards
« on: February 11, 2014, 03:11:41 PM »
I'm not sure why prepaid cards aren't accepted on those sites, yet the legit escort sites do.
I have a prepaid card with a bank that is actually linked to an account and it don't work
I was advised by one company that they do not accept prepaid credit cards as acceptable for payment.
This is because said companies terms require the customer to be over 18.
Some Prepaid credit cards can be legitimately obtained by under 18 year olds.
Therefore all Prepaid credit cards are not acceptable as proof of age, to this company.
I then paid using a normal credit card without issue.

I'm Susan Punter.
My partner rushed off this morning without taking his mobile.
He's booked into room 1234.
Could you put me through please.

---If the receptionist says their rooms have no phones, say:
Ah ok, that's fine. Has he arrived safely yet?

They'll usually say if he has checked in.
If they refuse {out of customer discretion} to confirm he has arrived,
this is almost as good as they have just confirmed he has a room booked
and the room number you gave them is the correct one.
If there is no Mr Punter booked in their hotel, they will say so.

Questions and Answers / Re: ending it with a regular
« on: February 11, 2014, 02:34:44 PM »
I had one o/c regular who I knew it was right not to see again.
{The reason is immaterial as they are specific to me as your reason is to you}
I had a further booking request on the phone so I explained that I was never going to see him again,
along with a brief explanation. {Sure, the explanation is certainly not necessary as we the Provider decides
who/if we see someone. And having past liaisons with a person is no obligation on our part to see them again}

However, for this client I felt that after a 2+ years of visits he deserved an honest explanation.
I'm walking away; if I can do so with minimal upset, so much the better.
My call blocking app has an additional facility which sends a customised message
to a specified blocked number. For this client the message permanently reads:
Hi -----. 
I am not going to see you again, ever.
This is because of ----------------------.
(I deserve better than that)
I wish you well and I hope you find
what you are looking for in life.

Questions and Answers / Re: Do you ever entertain hagglers?
« on: February 11, 2014, 01:59:03 PM »
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q. Fee negotiation?    
A. Sure. Every time you ask for a discount, fee goes up by 50.

If they ask again, I add said 50 to the fee. And stick to it.
If they repeat the question I politely terminate the call and BLOCK.

I've never had anyone book after the fee goes up.
On the plus side, it often moves the conversation off discounts
and onto arranging a meet at my set rates.

Before I did this I used to offer a 1 off my fee.
Which usually got a laugh then the enquiry back on track.

Questions and Answers / Re: Timewasters and withheld numbers
« on: February 03, 2014, 07:39:09 PM »
Just got a call there from unknown no. asking if i would do outcall in glasgow. Can i do it with another girl h's got in mind and is it ok if Shes only 17.
The voice is the same as guy who asked 2 weeks ago, if i would do something else illegal.
Am i being to careful? Whats your thoughts ladies?
He's a fantasist. {Probably}
Hello withheld number. Thank you for your call.
Before we can go into any more detail, I require you to phone me from a non withheld number.
I'm sure you understand.

Then if they do ring back** from a non-withheld number:
Thank you for phoning back.
While it is legal for you to have consensual sex with someone who is 16 to 18 years of age,
it is illegal to pay them for the engagement.
As a third party, I would have zero liability or criminal culpability.
However, in the event of the police being involved I would likely be questioned under caution.
under my real name.
I can do without that sort of drama, so I decline your invitation.


* I get a lot of work from nervous callers who do phone back from a non withheld number
but I doubt this one is real

**It's worth doing this just so you have their number
and can avoid them in the future. IMO

Questions and Answers / Re: Found out by my partner last night...
« on: February 03, 2014, 07:26:27 PM »
Hey Bex
If that's the end all you can do is move on and avoid this happening again.
I've always told my partners that I escort, always before anything long term.
A first or second date, though mostly before a first date.
That way if it's a deal breaker no one gets hurt.
And if we do date and it goes further, then they are going in with some awareness.
Though of course you still need understanding later on.
Coz it's not a society norm and is a lot for a partner to deal with.

I hope things work out for you.

Questions and Answers / Re: Uncomfortable age play booking
« on: January 12, 2014, 12:27:03 AM »
Hi ladies,
Went to an outcall....
Hi Aimee.
Years ago I had a similar client who manipulated a session. Previously he was a regular and always very short sessions.
This meeting however was a long one so a lot of money was exchanged. This got in the way of common sense.
Later he slowly and subtly changed this session to rollplay,
....then to him talking to me as though I was his relative,
then later as though I was his young relative.
This totally mucked my head up for about 5 days, during which, I couldn't work.
The reality was that while it clearly had a huge impact on me,
I am an adult, no laws were broken, and as an adult despite allowing myself to be manipulated,
I could have stopped the session at any point. The money was an issue which effected my judgement.

The other posters make good points, I wish I'd read similar after the session I'd had.
In both your booking and mine, no laws were broken, and both these clients are engaging with adults.
I don't think paedo's do roll play with other adults before / in between assaulting children.

What I would say is that this has left me in a different position.
From one of being manipulated and badly affected subsequently.
To knowing that in the future, if a similar scenario started, I would stop the session
and refund Coin for the unused part of the session.
That would make me a stronger person inside.
{and hopefully you too after a period of time and reflection}

It really is best for you to just put this behind you and move on (stronger).

Questions and Answers / Re: Working From Home
« on: January 06, 2014, 07:41:14 PM »
We've been looking for somewhere else to live over the past 7 months since our letting agent sent us a letter telling us that our Landlord is planning on selling the property we live in by June 2014. 
We've been in touch with the letting agents who said they will have a chat with the landlord, but if they decide they want us to serve our notice we're buggered, as the other landlord certainly won't be willing to hold it for nearly 3 months. 
We could give our notice in the hope that we will find somewhere else before the end of March, but it's taken us this long to find somewhere suitable and don't want to find at the end of March we still haven't found anywhere suitable and suddenly have to move into something that's not. 
Are you on a fixed term or revolving tenancy? I'm guessing fixed term as you are with a letting agency.
Do you pay the rent monthly?
What does the least term state re notice period? (Not enforceable if this contradicts the law)

My understanding is that a fixed term tenancy converts to a revolving tenancy,
if fixed term tenancy is not renewed but you continue to rent the property.
In which case I understand that the minimum notice period the landlord has to offer is 2 months
and the tenant has to offer one month. This is probably hypothetical because your existing landlord is renting the property to you through an agency.
And the agencies score Coin from both a % of the rental plus the periodic tenancy renewal fee.

If your new property falls through coz the current landlord holds you to term
you could {hypothetically} end up as a sitting tenant at your current location
which would bugger things up hugely for your current landlord.
I'm sure that they would rather release you early from any term, rather than the {hypothetical} alternative.
It would be worth your current landlord thinking this through...
I suggest you talk direct with the landlord as the Agency work for him and not you.
If you leave early, they loose income (ie. it is in their interest to keep you
at the existing address for as long as possible) In truth, your landlord
may know nothing of the "conversations" the agency say they have held
with said landlord... Trust no one)

I wouls strongly recommend that you get expert legal advice.
Namely get your lease out infront of you and
1. Phone the charity >>>Shelter<<< by phone.
They have specialists who can advise you further.
2. Phone your local >>>CAB<<< office.
Arrange a meeting. This will be with a general adviser prior to a second meeting with an advisor
who specialises in accommodation issues. 
I think this second advisor will be a solicitor specialising in housing law.
For both the CAB meetings, take a copy of your lease.

Good luck.

Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« on: December 11, 2013, 08:57:58 PM »
03:48 My phone rings, but caller hangs up.  Back to sleep.
Later, after 9am I ring them back and leave a voicemail,
inviting them to call me back, ideally at a more social hour,
to hopefully arrange an engagement.

A short time later a text:
Who is this ,you left a voice mail on my husbunds phone? Is it someone on a wind up.

No wind-up.
I had a missed call from your husbands number at 03:48 this morning.
Check his outgoing call log to verify this
(assuming he hasn't deleted the call record which would pretty well prove it anyway...)
I'm a transsexual Escort which is why I left him a voicemail, by way of a reply to his earlier call..
My website below, provides a comprehensive range of services.
Phone me only (ie. No texting) if you/he/both of you are interested in meeting me.
(Yes I'm bisexual)
If hubby denies the earlier missed call from his phone,
you both need to have an open honest discussion about his sexuality and your relationship.
Jodie. xxx

Hey ho....

Blather and Babble / Re: How not to book an escort,world championships!
« on: December 10, 2013, 01:25:09 AM »
AW, today:
Hi Jodie
Just wanted to tell you that I had a role play on aw and I was told to have you in mind.
One role play later and I was absolutely exhausted. You gave me the best orgasm ever
without even knowing it! :-)
I have to say that you are a stunning woman. I would, totally. Never say never.

Er, thanks?   ???

Are you a transvestite or a transsexual woman?
If the latter then you can just say that you are on hormones/HRT
and this interferes with ejaculation & orgasms.
Say that you: "might be able to, you might not, no promises, but
I'm sure that you, Mr client will have a super-spurty one for me!"

Not ejaculating will not compromise your business; my last ejaculation with anyone was early 2008! (TMI  :o)

Finally whether you are a Tv or Ts, remember,
once the client has cum, they really won't care if you do or don't.  ;)

Hiya Kinky.
You have concerns. Here's my stuff & my 'Take on your post'

Escorts I know
I've done Duo's with a few Escorts. (It's an occasional thing though the last time was Thursday night).
Each of the other Escorts are people who are already long-term friends.
That makes it easier to be comfortable with how the other Escorts perform,
both in client approach and communication between me and them during sessions.
(Body language rather than spoken in front of the clients).
Also their approach both to safety, sexual health (that's a huge deal for me) and business sense & discression.

Escorts I don't know
Oh, I also did a multi-Escort gig (Two other Escorts) in the summer.
That was awesome too. The client arranged and booked us separately for a meet at his hotel room.
As a consequence, we all met for the first time in-session.
TBH I "Lucked in" as the other Escorts worked in a similar vein to me.
To the degree that we later swapped email / AW details for possible future multi-bookings.
Truth is it could have been a disaster if we had different approaches.
I think the Client did a fair bit of work beforehand to get this balance
(He asked me a lot of questions about my work approach and sexual safety attitude. He'd had a number of prior sessions with the other Escorts).
If I don't know the other Escort then I treat the job the same as if I'm with just a client:
I don't let my money, phone or car keys out of my sight.

An Escort I know, but have never worked with
I love Duo's though bear in mind it is totally illegal.
I might infer very tangentially that a duo is doable,
but I don't blatantly advertise this in the way that so many Escorts do.
Coz that is just silly.
I know one Escort who was doing Duo's with her flat mate at their place in Central London.
The volume of clients led to neighbours contacting the police.
Five-O visited them and simply produced copies of ads from AW and various other sites
where the Duo service was offered. Banged to rights, comes to mind.
Anyway, it was made clear that only one of them could work from the flat from that point on.
Discretion is a must.
kinkyboots, it appears as though you have reservations about your Duo buddy.
As you can tell, I think duo's are fun and increase personal safety in session,
vs. compromise re. legalities.
You are not comfortable about your Duo buddy.
I'd suggest that you stop doing Duo's with this person
as the worry isn't worth it.

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