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Yes, just so you are all aware it's nothing to do with any inappropriate language and the "breach" is without merit or evidence. It is totally fictitious. I made a website and wording, especially for the US market, which is very cautious.

I am taking steps for legal action since I can't say goodbye to 1300 when I have done nothing wrong and will loose on grievously on this two-month tour.

Still completely brick-walled by staff, that were so friendly to me when spending the money!

I really thought they were legit organisation   >:(
Warnings & Wasters / Re: Abusive texter, Manchester
« Last post by wishlist on Today at 12:34:05 AM »
number needs sorting out so people can actually search it, last 2 numbers **
I have a friend who has come to London to work for a month. She had an outcall a few minutes ago and

The man called and offered an overnight booking for 800. He proposed that they have dinner first and he was willing to pay that much and give the rest of the money if the meal went well. He mentioned he is Arrabic and from Abi Dabi and he would  come and pick her up with his driver instead of sending a taxi. The meal/drink in a bar. This went well and all seemed normal. He then suggested they go to a Casino at which point she had all the money. On the drive there, she performed oral sex on him and unexpectedly he asked for the money back. The man clearly had plently of money as he apparently placed the money into a bag filled with money. She was expectedly reluctant to give the money back at first but then the driver in the front then proceeded to show her a gun that he was holding at which point she just gave them the money without arguing and told her to get out of the car. Luckily she was in central london at this time and finding a taxi fairly easily. She just got home and if quite shaken up but seems okay. Im typing on her behalf as she is from the dominican republic.

The phone number of the man is 075125640**
The number he have for his driver is 079604316**

The client is described in appearance as fat Arab man. Looked about 30 years old and was quite tall. with a strong accent. His hair was short
The driver is described as being very young and skinny looking, about 20 or so. Very thin but with a weaker accent.

The car they picked her up in was a Range Rover. She is unsure if it is black or a very dark blue. Generally they seemed to be moving around the central london area. Again she is not from here but by the sounds of it they were in the soho area as she described things there I recognized.

The client mentioned that he is a business man and is in the country to buy a building. The set up of driver and fancy car seems fairly legitimate so there seems to be some truth to him being a foreigner especially given the appearance of a gun which is something I didnt think happened here. Could be fake but the threat was real enough in the moment.

It has not been reported to the police yet. She will rest for the night and maybe we can decide how best to proceed in the morning but i figured I should post this ASAP incase they try this with anyone else before they can be stopped.
Questions and Answers / Re: Slow at the minute or just me?
« Last post by GothGirl on Today at 12:20:43 AM »
3 days of nothing. Starting to panic  :-\
Check-in at 2pm and check-out at 9pm? Are we talking about 120+ for 7 hours?

I guess all the towels and bed linen you're proving are pure silk, you may also want to have organic cotton available just in case someone prefers it  8)

Warnings & Wasters / Timewaster in London, Mayfair
« Last post by essmith on April 26, 2017, 11:47:47 PM »
Well I am not even sure if he was in London, arranged overnight via phone in Four Seasons hotel in Mayfair, kept in touch till my arrival once asked to come to the reception (lifts are card operated) didnt engage in any further comms. Presented himself as Alberto, phone no 074041398**
Questions and Answers / Re: Cracker bot accepting cards
« Last post by Ana30 on April 26, 2017, 11:07:03 PM »
Where do you find a Bitcoin ATM? X

Google "Bitcoin ATM" in your area, all big citiies have a few bitcoin atms, I'm not sure about small towns, a lot of them don't have. Giving your debit card number to some Bulgarian hacker miner and buying bitcoin from him is not a good idea IMO, but each to their own.

The problem with Bitcoin is that it's  a very fluctuating coin and it's very very high at the moment, that  added to the fact that backpage charges in US dollars and the pound has drop a lot since brexit, paying for backpage ads in Bitcoin makes the ad ridiculously expensive. It's much cheaper paying through cracker with your debit card. Hopefully the pound won't drop anymore (crosses fingers).
Blather and Babble / Re: Describe your last booking
« Last post by Gypsy on April 26, 2017, 10:51:41 PM »
Long term favourite reg. Hugely into BDSM etc, so had him handcuffed whilst teasing him. Then came a knock on the door which set my dog off barking. This put him off, so he lost his erection. Then came another knock this time more urgent. Rat a tat tat. I peered out the window. Only turned out he'd parked his car right outside my house on a very narrow street and unfortunately this road gets a lot of heavy traffic due to there being an industrial estate in the surrounding area. So this juggernaut was trying to get past his car and that created a huge tailback and traffic jam. I uncuffed him and he went flying down the stairs to shift the car. Was crying with laughter. Something out of a carry on film. Carry On Spanking! Ha ha!
Questions and Answers / Re: How To deal With Disapproval?
« Last post by Miss_Lorrainne on April 26, 2017, 10:46:50 PM »
You're right he is pathetic. Punters love to note aliases so they can track a woman's career but frankly no one's under any obligation to notify anyone of their old names.
Blather and Babble / Re: Describe your last booking
« Last post by SophieXXX on April 26, 2017, 10:35:59 PM »
  I know the type...I haven't seen "him" for ages, God, he was good.  That sort of sex.   :D

Yep. That's the one! Did this great position where he just sat on the chair and I rode him (faced away). Unf it was hot.
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