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Blather and Babble / Re: They said what???
« Last post by Guiltypleasure on Today at 11:01:13 PM »
So i did some damage to my ankle last year and get prescribed tramadol painkillers for when it acts up. I picked up a new prescription on the way to a hotel for work and left the box in view on the desk (alongside makeup hair straighteners etc) had a client come in. Chat. Take off coat and shoes and as he had the money in his hand about to hand to me snatched it back seeing the tramadol box and starts saying he cant believe he almost saw me when i had an sti and didnt even try to hide it by leaving the pills out. I told him what they were and he no joke wouldnt believe me until he had called nhs 111 for confirmation!

I actually did go through with the booking afterwards but wish i hadnt as he was a headache

They cant conprehend we might take medicine for anything other than an sti!!!

Yep they can be completely dopey lol.
I'm on prescription meds but I hide them and pull labels off because they have my name printed on them .
Thanks for the directions Amy! xx
Seeking/Offering / Re: Good photographer in London?
« Last post by Miss_Lorrainne on Today at 10:20:00 PM »

"I was looking at work on Ellie Sanderson, Kate Sharp and Kate Hopewell Smith.

Does anyone have any feedback."

I worked with Kate Sharp and she is escort-friendly and professional. However, her studio's not in London.

"Busty Escorts"

Well that's me out, apart from the fact I'm not near or in London. ;D

Oh my, the typos and grammar in the FAQ section !!!! :o
That grey text panel in the middle of the home page made me lose the will to live.

I know. When I pointed out how diabolical the spelling was and they said they'd have to read it all again I actually felt a bit bad for them.
Sorry. I just want some advice on my add. Didn't know it wasn't allowed.

From the forum rules:
Please don't post links to other sites on the forum, including to your own ads. If you want to include your link you can add it to your Forum Profile, but remember it will then be displayed underneath your username and available to anybody reading your posts.

It's fine to ask for feedback on your ads, as is general discussion on what people find works well/doesn't work in ad text, photos and so on. What we don't want is a massive spammy onslaught of stealth tout posts where people all want to show everybody how they do it on their ad :).

As for
your 2h price also seems a little odd (more than two 1hs).

My two hour price is 20 more than two 1hrs during the day (when I knock 20 off per booking). It makes perfect sense to me, because two hour bookings are largely awful.
Blather and Babble / Re: Describe your last booking
« Last post by Guiltypleasure on Today at 08:55:33 PM »
Ah I have one experimenting with the injections into the base at the moment , we are gradually upping the dose lol.
Not me him it's prescription .
Phone: 078664882**

On the telephone he sounds very polite. He used the name "Robert". His age is mid to late 40s to early 50s. He doesn't say much and talks in ways which slide past discussion about profile details and enquiring about his expectations and attempts to get address as quickly as possible. He also asks to book ahead for the earliest appointment tomorrow and tries to evade the booking call via SMS on the day of the booking. He is also a reluctant payer. He does pay when asked but he gives the impression he had rather it had been forgotten. He is approximately 5'4"-5'6" dark hair, average build, and workman like casual clothes with jeans and shoes. His accent slips and gives a way a trace of London accent. He moved to Bristol over decade ago after spending time in a rehab clinic. He asked in an indirect way if I did marijuana so I said no. He is a reluctant payer and asked if I would mind if he had one of my hand rolled cigarettes. I thought it odd he couldn't afford his own. I noticed after he had gone that he had torn off my cigarette paper packet to make a filter without asking. I don't want this kind of junkie/prison behaviour in my house! This isn't the impression he tries to put over on the telephone. He tries to sound and suggest like a well groomed man living in a good part of town. He always uses opportunities for what he wants and is very quick to say what he doesn't want and avoids any inquiries or discussion about what he wants so proper informed consent can exist in the session. I thought this was because he was nervous so told him I was happy to take things very slowly but he indicated he was new to booking sex workers. He is quiet speaks in a very minimal way and not rude but gently pushy for controlling and rough and unprotected sex.

He doesn't like offered hospitality tea and his conversation is minimal. He doesn't discuss what he wants only what he doesn't want. He doesn't like kissing or touching, his requests for slutty appearance being fulfilled pass unremarked upon and he expressed an interest in examining what was under my skirt. He was curious about my genitals but his main interest has touching and feeling my bum and spreading my cheeks. I told him no fingers inside and when he noticed a large dildo he wanted to use this on me. I said I don't have this inside my bum but had a smaller anal vibrator he could use. He kept feeling my bum when pushing the vibrator inside me and began pumping. He wanted me lower on my knees then lower still until he had spread my legs and pumped the vibrator more strongly into me. My spread legs and his pumping was hurting a little and I didn't like this. I began wanted a pee. After he wouldn't stop I really desperately needed a pee and visited the lavatory. He asked if he could watch and I said yes. When I was peeing he began fondling me and I splashed my legs and the toilet seat. It was only later I realised that I was uncomfortable with the way he had insinuated himself to do this as this isn't an activity I would give direct or implied consent for. My memories are really confused with what happened next then he wanted me to lean over the arm of the sofa for him. He didn't care it wasn't as comfortable as it looked and proceeded with his ass play. I made sure he had a condom on and felt a warning sense that he might try to avoid using a condom if he could. I can't remember if he did or didn't but I swear he put the big dildo in me when I had already said no. I know he used the smaller vibrator and kept pumping my bum with this and spreading my cheeks. I am unsure if he kept going with the vibrator or inserted himself into me but later I heard him wanking. He had pushed my head down so low I couldn't see what he was doing. It was only when I felt the warm splash of him over my bum and anus that I knew he had removed his condom without consent. I shouted at him asking him what he thought he was doing and no way and he just looked at me and said "I thought you knew". Totally not! I don't know how I was stupid to be so eager to please with a man I didn't like and felt scared with because he was pushing further than I offered or consented too.

He did slink out without my having to throw him out or threaten to call the police which was a relief. After I felt horrified that he put my personal health at risk with infections which might kill me or put my other clients and other people at risk. I don't know if this is my being paranoid or alarmed but in the hours which passed I wondered if he didn't want to be intimate or catch something and wanted to give me an infection by shooting his sperm into an open anus or at least risk his sperm getting inside. I couldn't risk him having an infection so had a jolly good wash and scrub and had to ditch my clothes for serious cleaning. This included my only suspender belt which clients like me wearing. I felt terrible and upset after he had left and still feel terrified he may have given me something bad. I cannot and will not have him back not just for my safety but also my neighbours too. I feel very sensitive to having bad sorts around because I have good neighbours and they are nice to me and don't deserve any fallout or burglaries from bad sorts.

I am very sure about what I offer and my boundaries. I'm shocked and disappointed in myself I let him slip through my defences so easily both over a call and during our session. He is the first client I wished when I opened the door that he would go away and wanted to leave during the session. I was unhappy lots of times with his gently persisting and directing and cannot believe for the life of me how he thought he could bury my head in my sofa so I couldn't watch and have him secretly remove his condom to penetrate or wank off over me without me knowing. I am alarmed I may have caught something serious and need to visit the clinic immediately. I make a point of normal mainstream sex and safety at all times with no exceptions and let this happen.
I'd say you need to sort the text out - it's scrappy, a little repetitive, and not very informative.

Also, you put your rates in the text, which isn't necessary, and they contradict with the rates you've listed in the pricing table. It's entirely up to you of course, but your 2h price also seems a little odd (more than two 1hs).

As someone else has said, you don't need the legal caveat about paying for your time only - it's an American thing because prostitution is mostly illegal there.
That grey text panel in the middle of the home page made me lose the will to live.
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