Author Topic: How to increase income?/good agencies in Cardiff or Swansea that takes BBW girls  (Read 595 times)


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I've been trying escorting full time on my own since September and I'm finding I'm just about breaking even with what my outgoings are. Far from 'raking it in'. I'm a size 18 which I think means I'm more limited with my selling point (I'm not the kind of girl that gets wolf whistled in the street- not that that disappoints me haha). I cam between bookings and sell both pictures and videos, even have eroticas up. I would do offer phone sex too but I'm not very good at it so I'm leaving it until I get better with the dirty talk. Only on adult work as I've not had any luck with other sites so far.
I'm doing escorting/camming because I adore it, like there are assholes but 95% of my clients are amazing.

But I need a better wage or I'll have to move back in with parents- the move of shame.

I don't know what to do to improve it as I'm currently working a lot of hours and just not getting enough interest. I'm a student so this is my sole source of income. I'm considering trying to work for an escort agency like 1 day a week (increasing it if it pays), or getting a normal job but I'd be looking at minimum wage and I don't know if i'd make more doing what I'm doing now. Does anyone know a good one in cardiff/swansea/bridgend that also takes plus sized girls?
Other than increasing my wage I'm probably going to need back home or to a cheaper property which is something I'd really like to avoid.
I would consider decreasing my rates which are currently
50 15 minutes
85 half an hour
130 incall hour

100 outcall half an hour
150 outcall full hour

If it's likely to pay better for doing so.
I'd also work with someone else if I could but just cannot find anyone.

I have also considered paying for advertising, through adult work or different sites. But again I'm not sure if it'll pay.
I've considered maybe camming through different sites, it's just finding one which is easy to navigate around and I know actually pays out.

Should I call it quits accept no ones interested enough in me and stop?
Like I'm finding the clients which do see me are being repeat customers a lot of the time so I don't think my 'service' sucks, but not enough of the time to pay my bills.

Thank you for reading, any advice would be amazing.


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Hey you :)

Don't give up too quickly!

Your rates seem very competitive so I would not think that this is the issue, maybe take some new pictures with your camera or smart phone, they can be very good too if you can't fork out for professional pictures at the moment.

Are you paying for local escort search? Number showing ? Available today?

I know a lot of girls size 16+ that are making great money so please don't think that nobody is interested in you. If you are in a smaller town maybe consider touring to London etc. where there is an abundance of different clients that like different types of women.

You said you are considering paying advertising on AW but you are not sure if it pays. While I have been able to do quiet well and have never paid for a featured ad, I do believe that the local escort search and phone number display is essential. So if you are not doing that then that would be a good place to start.

Check in your details how many views your page gets per day on adultwork and that should give you an idea on what to do... most likely it's not that they don't want you but that they simply don't see you. Good luck!  :) ;)


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The only reason I'm really thinking about giving up so quick is this is a good time for me to get some work - because with the christmas period theres a shit ton of like shop work equally unentertaining work like that.
Yeah I could do with having more pictures again, I've got a guy I'm currently doing an 'exchange' with who's a photographer for Bbc that I've started using for pictures (i did check he's legit) just haven't got around to uploading them which is stupid as hell haha.

No I'm currently not paying for anything just because I haven't known if I'll get a return on my money and I don't really have it to spare if I don't at the moment. If others have had success then I'll definitely try it.
My towns not huge so maybe I'll change my location to one of the citys in the hope I'll get a little more interest perhaps? I would like to do a tour but I have a dog so would need to pay for him to be looked after overnight and hotel costs and stuff it's all money I don't really have to spare at the moment if I don't earn enough from it.

Yeah I'll have a look at how my profile exposure changes with the purchases of extras and see whether it's worth it (along with whether I actually make any money haha)
Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it.
Will def try buying some extras and uploading more pictures


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Try adding 45min rate, it's not much but it can help.
Also maybe try better rate for 2 or 3h bookings and include 3-4h dinner date rate.

Also do you have your own site? You should create it and link it to as many directories as you can, especially the BBW sites.
Maybe include more services in your profile? Rewrite your profile, like put things that you offer foot fetish or something like that if you are comfortable with it.
Try local escort featuring on aw as it's not that much, but it can help.

You can also try make discounts for regulars, like if they meet you 3 times for 1h a month for incalls, which would make that to be 390, you can offer them this bookings for 300-340. Or maybe say in your profile: if you meet me 3 times a month, on 3rd time you get 20-30 pound off my rate. This is also only a suggestion as you said you consider lowering your prices.

Also do a tour regulary to bigger cities for 1-2 days.


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Are your rates competitive for escorts in your area who are of a similar age and physique?
How about services, i.e. do you offer OWO, CIM, anal etc. within that price, or OW, light DFK etc.?
There are lots of other directories you can get listings on, especially if you have your own website (see the 'Where to advertise' thread).
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No I'm currently not paying for anything just because I haven't known if I'll get a return on my money and I don't really have it to spare if I don't at the moment. If others have had success then I'll definitely try it.

You should see it as a business worth investing in. Put up a private gallery and charge for it. That should give you enough credits for the phone number and local escort search. Either way if you have to dig in to your own purse its still not that expensive. The return you can get massively outweights the amount you spend.

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Agree SO HARD with the AW private gallery - mine is 2 credits to view for 24 hours and I usually get a good amount of buyers per day, enough that I've never had to spend my own money on AW. It's really quick and easy and every time you add new photos, you usually get more nibbles as I think members that have hotlisted/subscribed to you will be notified you have new content.

With AW credits you can put your 'green light' Available Today light on for 6 credits a pop. You can list your phone number. If I didn't use these services I wouldn't get a good chunk of the bookings I do. If you accumulate a good amount of credits you can appear as featured, which helps a lot too, I find.

I think different girls have varying levels of success with this though, I've noticed some WGs don't notice a difference in enquiries whether their Available Today is showing or not. So it's not foolproof, but if I didn't personally have AW credits I'd feel disadvantaged.

As for being BBW! I'm a size 18-20 and I honestly don't get the impression it hinders me. In day to day life I might get approached less than a straight sized girl but that's just because it's still a touch 'taboo' to be into plus size women (what I mean to say is, some men might be less open about admitting it) which is ridiculous, because I know WGs my size have the ability to make fricking shedloads of cash.

Re-evaluate your 'enjoys' list, you might decide there are things on there you're happy to offer that you might have erred on the side of caution with previously. See if you can mention more buzzwords on your profile. Sometimes a niche can help business - is there anything you can offer that not so many girls can? A good incall location/a certain unique style/unique services?

I agree that your rates are very agreeable. I wouldn't decrease them. I'd rather quit this job than undersell myself. But that's just me and I do understand that sometimes money is money!


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On the whole, Wales can be extremely slow. I don't think your rates are unreasonable, you don't want to be dragging in a very low income either. I've not been doing very well either, at the moment.


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Agree with others about the private gallery - the money isnt coming out of your pocket for your advertising then. When I first started out I webcammed for like 5 minutes to get the money for available today!

I dont want to tell you to put your rates down but I think a round number would be better than 85. Is your place 1 bedroom? Could you share/rent out a room when youre not using it?

Also you could offer good rates for longer bookings. When I didnt have an in call place I did outcalls for 200 for 2 hours. Saved me money on paying for a hotel and clients thought they were getting a great deal. In reality I got an extra 50 out of them!


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Overall In any business you have to spend money to make money which I know is hard if your not making a lot to start with overall

That's why M&S Tescos Sainsbury's and all the other multi billion pound businesses spend several million each year on there Christmas adverts and it must work and they must get a return from it otherwise they wouldn't spend all that money every year without fail.

But if you don't spend any money on marketing yourself so that clients can find you  then the clients won't  be able to find you  it's a catch 22 situation
Not that I'm saying you need to go all out and do M&S style advertising campaign but if guys are looking but your profile isn't showing them you aren't going to get the work

Wales  i think Is slow lots of the big factories and steel works have closed in recent years but you should be able to tick over

I would do Local & regional escort search AT & show my number
I would also rework my profile to get more interest
Get a twitter account
Viva st & BP are pretty cheap for Wales as well less than a tenner a week for both of them I think

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Cost of living in Wales is low but equally so is income. I think your rates are a little high.

When I toured Cardiff last year I charged 60/80/100 for 30/45/60 mins. I was incredibly busy. I took home over 1500 quid after costs. I'm size 14-16 and in the milf bracket.

There is no way I could have got that profit without paying for phone number display and local escort search.

General business rule: When profits are down, many businesses reduce advertising spend. WRONG. This is the worst thing you could do. When business goes down, advertising should go UP. Obviously not to a level you can't afford, but if people don't see your ad, they can't book you!
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Thank you everyone for your replies, they've genuinely been really helpful and I will adjust the way I work and hopefully in turn my profits.

I really do agree with investing in yourself, I've just not known what schemes are worth doing (I know it's different for everyone, but if I was going to spend 50 to be the 'escort of the week' I'd hope other girls which have done the same in the past would have at least 1 extra client as a return for it- I do understand nothings guaranteed, I'm the kind of girl that reads reviews on any product haha). Like I've heard some girls from near my area saying viva street isn't worth buying, which was one avenue I was going to explore. I will definitely invest a little in my profiles advertising and see the benefits now I know how to find my profiles view over which day or whatever (that's really cool) .
Also I'll start updating my pictures like every two weeks or something cause I didn't realise it's bumps you up.
It's really nice to hear other girls aren't feeling hindered by their weight because sometimes not having much success does make me think is there something wrong with my product (me haha and most guys looking for this kind of thing primarily focus on appearances so I just made the link.)

The buzzwords one is gunna be really good too I'll def do that cause I'm happy to do things like sploshing/watersports etc which may sell to the fetish lovers.

Ugh theres so many good replies, I'm kicking myself for not having put this up sooner.
Genuinely really thank you girls you've given me some passion to thrive instead of just giving up like I was starting to.

I think cause of the mix opinions about reducing rates, I might stick my rates to where they are (rounding the half hour up or down+ reducing for regulars and promoting that), but do discounts on days I'm either hella horny or hella broke because then they'll feel like their getting a good deal too and see how the days success goes.

The website thing is something I've looked into previously and still don't really fully understand to be honest, I think I need to read further about it cause yeah linking that to BBW sites etc would be amaze.

Theres so much here to help, like I'm gunna go through them one by one and make the changes,
I'm excited now haha I'm such a saddo.

I think I'm gunna do some touring too when I can ideally on a super budget because I think if I'm smart about it it can work really well.

Any further recommendations are still really appreciated x


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If you charge 120 put on a special offer say between 10 -4pm at 100. Or somethimg like that
Put it the header
Anyone who books after 4pm make sure you tell them the special offer is only for 10- 4pm otherwise you will get guys turning up and wanting the discount

AT local escort search  and showing your numbrr are a must if you want to be busy ( in my opinion )

If you do viva St & Backpage put them on a different number to your AW number that way you can see where the idiots and decent bookings are coming from
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