Author Topic: Need a buddy for SECURITY? Look here.  (Read 24566 times)


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Re: Need a buddy for SECURITY? Look here.
« Reply #75 on: February 14, 2018, 04:38:26 PM »
I do outcall only and not a lot of bookings but, when I do, it would be good to have somewhere/someone I could drop the details to, check in when arrived and paid and again when done and left (and naturally would be willing to reciprocate).
My obvious thought has been whether it would be worth having a Kik / WhatsApp type chat group as, if there were a few folks involved then no-one would have to be reliant on any one other person (since nobody can guarantee to always be able to check their messages etc and people are available different times of day and night).
I doubt this is an original idea though so I wondered if there's anything like that already that I can join?
Or, if not, if there's anyone would be interested in it?
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